Apple Music vs. Spotify vs. TIDAL

Apple Music

I am an Apple guy for sure; I own an iPhone, an iPad, and a Macbook. Before I even had the chance to take Apple Music for a test run, I was pretty convinced it would be the choice for me. But now, I’m not so sure. Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful looking app and is working in perfect harmony, having all things stored on the iCloud. But there’s one big downside, the sound quality is not the best. I know everyone may not care about this but, as a music purist, I actually do care a lot.

Apple Music’s best selling point is the price. A single user can get the premium service for $10 per month, while the family shared plan (up to 6 users) is $15. They’re also giving away 3 months for free. Seems like a no brainer, but not so quick…


I’ve been a Spotify premium user since the beginning, about 3 years now. As a loyal customer, I love everything about Spotify. Still do. They set a great standard in this industry, both in quality and price ($10 per month for premium, $15 for 2 users). I had no plans of switching until…


I, like pretty much everyone else, was turned off by the way TIDAL launched their product. They seemed to think that star power would be enough to make consumers want to pay double for what some would say is the same service. This was a huge PR failure. They failed to promote what actually makes TIDAL better, the sound quality! Now you might ask, “How much better could it possibly be?” And my response is this… TRY THE FREE TRIAL and hear for yourself. I really hope this company survives because they truly have a great product. But I only think that will happen if they both lower the price (currently $20 per month for HIFI) and recover in the eyes of the public.


For some reason, Apple delayed the iTunes download until about 10pm (eastern) on Apple Music’s release day. My first impression of the mobile version was a good one, but not great. Then, once the download and install were complete on my Macbook, I saw the power of this service. It is perfect. There really is no amount of sound quality that can compete with what this app does. Apple wins again, you’ll see. They’re even giving it to you free for three months. Enjoy.


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