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This is a really, really good DJ Blog

Reading this DJ Blog will give you a peek inside my mind, where I will give opinions, advice, and a look at my own music taste. Since most of my work is during weddings, it is safe to say I will talk about that a lot. I’m always on the look out for new music, so I will tell my opinions of what I like and dislike. Please leave comments and share these posts with your friends.

As the author, I feel I should share a bit of light on what shaped me as a music man. I began piano lessons at the young age of four, and for my fifth birthday, my parents got me my first piano. I kept at lessons until age 12 when I started to think that boys who play the piano are not cool. During this time, I also sang in the church choir. I continued singing throughout high school and even earned a spot in the FSU School of Music. Next comes the funny part, but you have to continue reading my posts to find out.

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