What Lead to You Reading This About Me…

Orlando DJ Gary White | Orlando Wedding DJ

Believe it or not, I actually began DJ’ing around sixth grade. My older brother got a pair of Technics 1200s and began throwing parties. He didn’t really approve of me using his equipment so, when he was away, I would secretly record tapes of mixes. Later I would play them for his friends. The reactions were mixed (no pun intended); his friends loved them, but he was not pleased.

I ended up studying music at Florida State, focusing on classical music by day and DJ’ing parties by night. Upon returning to Orlando, I continued to pursue music. Again there were two sides to this story: singing at Disney by day and producing for local Hip Hop groups by night. By 2008, I was back to DJ’ing. This time the turntables would lead me to the Orlando nightlife. I landed one residency at a great spot in Downtown O-Town and worked with several promoters at most of the local clubs in town. I also had a weekly radio show for a few hours on Sunday afternoon.

During this whole time, I had a very close friend who was in the wedding business advising me to get involved in the wedding industry. At the time, I had no interest at all in being a wedding DJ. In my mind, wedding DJs were cheesy and I wanted to be a cool club DJ. The only problem with being a “cool” club DJ is the pay is generally underwhelming.

Fast forward to the end of 2009… Within about six months, I had three different sets of friends ask me to DJ their weddings. And what did I discover? Not only that I was really good at it, but that I actually enjoyed it more than any of the other avenues I had come across so far. So in 2010, I got my LLC and insurance and began meeting as many people in the wedding business as possible. And now eight years later, I am happily performing as a wedding DJ full time.