Wedding Reception Playlist

75 Songs for Dinner & Dancing

When I first began DJ’ing weddings in Orlando about eight years ago, I remember getting so worked up beforehand. I considered myself to be very familiar with music. But I had no idea what songs would actually make up a great wedding reception playlist. And let me tell you, that first year of events was probably a little suspect. Lol…

But here we are a few hundred events later (I’ve never actually counted, but it’s probably around 400) and I am an expert on the subject. And while every event is unique to the couple/client, I definitely have an opinion about what “universally” works best in any average situation or crowd.

I create playlists specifically for every event before the performance. And as you can imagine, I have quite the collection of lists at this point – all different moods and vibes. I rarely delete them and I often return to them. That is especially true when someone asks me, in the spur of the moment, to put on some tunes. It’s actually become a specialty of mine.

There are thousands of playlist all over the web for weddings, from The Knot to Pinterest to other DJ’s (including myself). That being said… Here are a few of my recommended favorites for a wedding reception playlist. They are in no order of preference.

Wedding Reception Playlist - 75 Songs for Dinner and Dancing